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How to use Kinkipedia (to use Kinkipedia view original)

Thank you for visiting Kinkipedia.

What we are trying to do with this site is to provide an extensive online kink and fetish resource, but one that is managed and maintained by users such as yourself.

If you just wish to look around the site to find out something more about one or more kinks and fetishes, that is absolutely fine. If, however, you also wish to edit or add content on the site, that would be great.


Firstly, you will need to join the site. On the main page of the site you should see a button in the centre of the page. Click on this button, enter your email address and whatever username you wish and that is it. Membership is totally free. Alternatively you will be given the option to sign in using your Facebook ID.

Once you have joined, please feel free to invite anyone else who may be interested in joining. You can do this by sharing the site on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or various other social networking sites (using the relevant button on the main page), or by going to our member inviteb page and entering email addresses.


There are two main search areas on the site. The first of which is on the main page in the left menu. The second is on its own pageb.
You can use this to find any content that is already on the site. If the content you are looking for does not exist, please get in touch via our contact box and we will add the page.


This is an important part of Kinkipedia. Once you have found the page you want, you can edit it. You can do this simply by selecting the 'edit this page' link that is at the top of every page. Once you have done this, you will just need to write as you would in Word or any email programme. Most of the formatting is done automatically.

If you would like to have a try at editing a page before going to the real thing click HEREb

If you have any questions about editing, please get in touch.

A couple of editorial rules that we have note.

Please do not make references to any living persons. The pages on Kinkipedia are meant for information only.
Please do not add any links to the websites of any individual professional at this time. This site is not intended to be used for advertising.
Please do not add any links to any provider of phone lines, webcams or escort services.
Please do not add any links to any sites that may contain illegal images or content. Kinkipedia takes no responsibility for these, they will be removed straight away and your details logged
Do feel free to link to blogs, general information sites or, for sites about products and toys, sites where these may be found.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License