Blackmail is a type of play that involves a dominant having power over a submissive and threatening to use this power to affect a real life situation of the submissive.

This can typically involve the dominant having embarrassing photos of the submissive, or having the contact details of the submissive's family or work colleagues, and threatening to contact them if an agreed contract, usually involving regular payments, is not adhered to.

In many ways this could be considered as a form of fear play, as the driver is the fear in the submissive of the impact that exposure could have on their everyday lives should they fail to keep to the blackmail agreement.

Many would also consider Blackmail as edge play and possibly extreme, given the potential consequences of such play on real life. In fact, many professionals who do offer the service place warnings for applicants to consider seriously before entering into blackmail scenarios.

Commonly, this kind of play is carried out over a set period of time, and frequently there are buy-out clauses inserted into Blackmail contracts.

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