Eproctophilia (also known as "fart fetish") is a sexual fetish involving the arousal to various aspects of flatulence (i.e. sound, smell, humiliation, etc.).

Use & Practice

Often, Eproctophilia is used in conjunction or involve elements of face sitting whereby a Dominant, or "farter" in this instance, would sit on and fart in the face of the submissive. This act is often playful between consenting partners, however, some notable creative artists within the fetish have explored darker themes such as fart torture brought upon unwilling submissives.

Corpophillia, or scat fetish, is often associated with Eproctophilia.


There are no known statistics on the number of those afflicted with Eproctophilia as general public awareness of the fetish is very low at this time. According to PornHub's Year in Review 2016, the terms "fart" & "farting" were gaining traction (but not top search terms) in the Netherlands and Brazil only, the latter likely because of the company known as MFX or, more commonly, "Fart Brazil."

Anecdotally, it is believed a majority of fart fetishists are male.

References & Links

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