Foot Worship

Foot worship is a type of sexual food fetishism whereby one partner worships the feet of the other, normally as a submissive in a BDSM relationship.

Foot worship is generally carried out on bare feet, as feet in shoes, boots, stockings, tights or socks could be characterised as the fetish or worship of those particular things instead.

The worship could take a number of forms, such as stroking, massaging, applying nail varnish, licking, sniffing or kissing, although this should not be confused with a submissive kissing a dominant's feet as a greeting or goodbye gesture, which would not generally be classified as foot worship.

A lot of the attraction of feet in this context is that feet are obviously the lowest part of the body, which reflects the low position of the submissive.
Feet are often also among the least clean areas of the body, which adds to the humiliation of the practice.

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