Hoods are used a great deal in BDSM play, for a number of different reasons.

Primarily a hood would be used as a sensory deprivation device. Commonly a hood would cover the entire head and face and would fasten at the neck.

Many different materials can be used for hoods, but common ones would include leather or latex rubber. Many activities such as bondage or abandonment would involve the victim being hooded.

Some breath play also involves hoods, with the wearer being unable to breath whilst wearing the hood, and the dominant opening air holes within the hood when it is time for the submissive to breathe again.

Another use of hoods is in filming or photoshoots if one or more participants with to remain anonymous. The wearing of a hood does not generally spoil a scene and it does not require extra editing. For the same reason, many play parties also offer hoods for guests.

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