Infibulation is the surgical modification or mutilation of the genitals in males and females, particularly the foreskin, labia minora and labia majora.

This can range from suturing to complete removal, with each done for different reasons.

Tying up the penis with a string was a way of avoiding what was seen as the shameful and dishonorable spectacle of an exposed penis, something that was only portrayed in depictions of those without repute, such as slaves and barbarians. It therefore conveyed the moral worth and modesty of the subject.[5] Infibulation was performed on slaves in ancient Rome to ensure chastity, as well as voluntarily in some cultures. Without removing tissue, it was intended to prevent sexual intercourse, but not masturbation.
Male infibulation is now usually performed as genital modification, but it can also refer to self-torture, such as piercing one's nipples, labia, clitoris, scrotum or penis with sharp objects for pleasure. In an extreme example, the American serial killer Albert Fish derived sexual gratification by jabbing sewing needles into his penis and scrotum. After execution, his autopsy revealed nearly two dozen needles in his pelvic region.[6]

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