Maid training

Maid training is a form of roleplay that usually involves a male submissive taking the role of a maid to the female Domme.

This will tend to involve the submissive dressing in a maid outfit of varying styles. Sometimes traditional maid outfits are worn, sometimes 'sissy maid' outfits are worn and sometimes fetish wear (such as rubber maid outfits) are worn.

The activities in the session will typically involve what would be expected in genuine, traditional maid service, such as cleaning, cooking, washing or any other domestic chores.

The session will typically also involve training in deportment, performing curtseys and presenting oneself correctly. The Domme will often administer punishment for poor performance in training and tasks. This will tend to involve corporal punishment and humiliation but can sometimes involve anal punishment, bondage and confinement.

Maid training scenarios are often carried out by professional Mistresses who specialise in the activity, due to the need for a lot of equipment, clothing and resources.

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