Posture correction

Posture correction is a term for the improvement of how someone walks, stands and generally carries themselves, and in a BDSM context this would often be done through the use of a posture collar.

A posture collar is a rigid collar that is wide enough to restrict movement of the neck. [1] Posture collars help in maintaining posture by keeping the chin high and the neck extended. Posture collars typically flare widely at the front to reach from the chin down to the collarbone, preventing the wearer from hanging their head or looking downward.

Such collars are typically made from leather, but may also be made from metal, rubber or plastics such as PVC. Posture collars are often decorated, and may include other bondage elements such as locking closures, decorative spikes or D-rings for attaching restraints.[2]
Special type of posture collar is a neck corset.

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