Smoking fetish

Smoking fetishism (also known as capnolagnia) is a sexual fetish based on the sight or image of a person smoking.

For many, the fetish appears to have had its roots in early childhood. It is classically conditioned and shaped by many variables. These could include seeing the smoker as a stereotypically sweet, innocent individual behaving in ways that are considered taboo

For others, it stems from an attraction to more worldly people whose smoking epitomizes their strength and self-confidence. Within gay culture, this fetish often stems from the image of masculinity.

In BDSM play smoking is sometimes a turn on while the dominant partner smokes a cigarette, he/she blows smoke in the face of the submissive or uses the latter's mouth or body as an ashtray. This act is generally associated with humiliation of the submissive partner due to the insulting connotations of having smoke blown in one's face, but it may simply be tied to the taste and smell of ash or secondhand smoke in the case of masochists who do not enjoy humiliation.

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